Avro is the leading fly catcher manufacture in india. Offers insect killers for all your requirement. from Small room to Big Room.

High quality and durable insect killers.



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How it works?

Insect killers are UV light base attract flying insects, fly, mosquitoes and other small insects. They got attract and got killed by electric shock by electric grids around the tubes. easy and effective way to control over flies and mosquitoes from decades. They don’t repel them they kill them so there is no chance for them to come back and attack you with their bites. No chemical, No harmful Gases.

From where we can buy?

Its better to buy it from local dealer and distributor around you. As buying this items online market place like flipkart, snapdeal, amazone will create problem for you as you will not be able to get the benefit of warranty of the product.

What is the warranty and Life of Insect killer?

Avro offer 1 year manufacture warranty for all of their product. but they dont cover tubes in to the warranty. And a insect killer life is at least 6-7 years. So no need for refill, no maintenance for 7 years.

What is power consumption and is it safe to use it at home?

Different models have different size of tubes. The power consumption will start from 20 Watt to 100 Watt. depend upon the model you choose. bigger the model higher the power consumption. yes it is safe to use at home.

Where I should Install It?

You should install the insect killer about 1 feet high from the ground at the place where you found high nuisance of flies or mosquitoes.

Why near to the ground why not at hight around 6 to 7 feet from the ground?

In research it has been found that flies fly commonly 1 to 2 feet hight from the ground less at 6 to 7 feet hight. so for the effective capture it should be install on the ground or about 1 feet hight.

Which models are best to kill mosquitoes and Why?

Avro Moskill small super, Big super, Domestic hut and Domestic hut double tube are best models to kill mosquitoes. As you can see these models have very gaps in electric shock grid around the tube. which does not allow mosquitoes a single % chance to stay alive.

From Where we can Buy?

You can buy insect killers directly from Mpvk electronics llp. located in Gurgaon. Or you can order it from their website www.meshopindia.com

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