Dengue is a deadly diseases. which occurs only due to a small bite of mosquito. Every year More then 1000 people dead because of dengue and malaria. There is a say “PREVENTION IS BETTER THEN CURE” and we have to take the right action and find the right solution for our family.

Items like Hit, Goodnight are dangerous for health. it can cause cancer and if you have any one who is suffering from asthma it can trigger the attack for Him/ Her.

Our Products are 100% safe. No side effects. No Harmful chemical and gas. and more over 100% 24×7 Protection. No worry for empty refill.

Our Insect killers kills Mosquitoes, Flies and all kind of flying insects effectively.


Buy the right choice at the right price from MPVK electronics.

We care about your health and air you breathe.

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