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Vegetable, Fruits and Meat Cleaner For home, restaurants and Hotels.

Fruit and Vegetable Purifier

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Features & Advantages of Fruit & Vegetable Purifier

Special design for kitchen, meat , Fruit & vegetable cleaning

Put the fruits and vegetables after washing with water into the basin,then fill
the basin with water add the vegetables and connect the air stone with the
silicone tube to the unit,put the air stone into the basin.Turn the knob to 10
minutes,the surface pesticide residues are decomposed,the vegetables will
retain their freshness for a longer period of time.
crusaders fruit & vegetable purifier

Clean the meat then put it into a basin and fill the basin with water until the
water covers the meat.Put the air stone into the basin,turn the knob to 30 minutes,
when it stops,you will notice viscous bubbles on the surface of the water,this is the
decomposed additives,hormone-like substances,burned with chemical taste.
The additives together with any microbes are destroyed.
crusaders fruit & Veg purifier

The unit can remove the smell sin the fridge,put the unit on the fridge,then open
the door of the fridge,put the air stone into the fridge for about 10 minutes,it can
prolong the shelf life of food.As a results cross contamination of foods is prevented,
odours eliminated a better all round result for food preservation.
Crusaders Fruit & Vegetable Purifier

For tableware disinfection,first clean tableware,put them into basin,then fill the basin
with water.Put the air stone into the basin,turn the knob to 10 minutes,the disinfection
is finished after 10 minutes.
crusaders fruit & veg purifier

How to use
1.Connect with the air stone of the silicone tube to the ozone outlet.
2. Plug into the power outlet.
3. Put into the power outlet.
4. Turn the timer knob to right to the scheduled time to start working.
5. Stop working automatically at the end of timing.
6. You can turn the knob to left to stop working while the unit working.
Crusaders Fruit & Vegetable Purifier
The Benefits Of Ozone

1. Killing microbes
• Ozone is able to kill staphylococcus,coli bacillus and bacillus pyocyaneus up to 99.9%.
• Ozone is able to kill Pseudomonas Fluorescents.
• Salmonella Typhimurium, Vibrio Cholera up to 100%.
• Ozone is able to destroy hay bacillus variant spores upto 100%.

2. Inhibiting Fungi
• Ozone is able to destroy mix-color aspergillus, and VUQ protozoa upto 100%.
• Ozone is able to destroy black green mold,orange green mold and falciform spore mold upto 100%.

3. Resisting Viruses
• Ozone can damage Hepatitis Virus (HAAg) and HbsAg.
• Ozone can destroy the influenza virus and SARS in the air upto 97.2 %.
• Ozone water can kill poliomyelitis virus 1(PV1) and simian rota virus SA-11 and Rota virus ll.

4. Remove toxin and odours.
• Disintegrate pesticides,chemical fertilizer and hormones.
• Oxidise heavy metal and organic substances.

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