Ultrasonic Pest repellents for home, office, restaurant, labs etc.

ultrasonic pest repellents are based upon ultrasonic waves which we cant hear but pest like  rats and cockroaches hear it and the sound is so sharp that they cant bear the sound and run away.

its the most effective and simplest way to keep rats and other insects out from your home.

We all have the problems with rats, in office sometimes they damage our important documents cut wires and some times creates so many nuance. In restaurant kitchen you can find rats easily and its hard to keep them away. and in home we don’t want rats to eat our food from kitchen  as they carry lots of diseases with them self.

Buy an Ultrasonic Pest represents and get rid of rats.

Covers up to 300 Sq. Feet
triple face
Covers up to 600 Sq. Feet

Single: Rs. 1350/-

Triple : Rs. 2145/-

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