Looking to buy an Air Purifier. and Confused Which one is better. This Comparison Guide will Help you to air purifier for your home and Office.

We Believe More Filter= Better and Clean Air.

in this post we are going to compare the Top Model of Few Branded companies and Find out what are there fact sheets tells about their Air Purifiers.

                                                Best Air Purifier In India.

Crusaders XJ 3900 Sharp FU80E-W Panasonic F -PXH55MWU(D) Crusaders XJ 3800 Philips- AC4072/00
Air Flow (Meter Cube/ Hour) 420 480 330 348 309
Applicable Area (Square feet) 550 600 450 500 400
Filtration Stage 6 4 3 7 4
Dust Purifying Rate 99.97% 99.97% 99.97% 99.97%
HEPA Filters(Capture upto .3 Microns) Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Dust/Odour/ Alergen Sensor Yes Dust Sensor Dust/ Odour Sensor Yes Yes
Power Consumption (High Speed) 65 Watt 75 watt 49 Watt 80 Watt 47 watt
Sound Level Less Than 52 Db at Top Speed 53 Db 52 Db 52 Db 50 Db
OZONE NO No No no No
Negetive Ions Yes Yes(Plasmaculator) Yes Yes yes
Price(INR) Rs. 25,700 Rs. 32,900 Rs. 27,900 Rs. 24,500 Rs. 39,990
Warranty 1 year Manufacture Warranty


1 year Manufacture Warranty (Onsite) 1 year Manufacture Warranty 1 Year Manufacture Warranty (onsite) 2 year Manufacture Warranty
Filter Life* 18 months 24 Months 10 years 15 Months 12 months
Auto Mode Yes Yes Yes yes yes
Humidifier No No Yes No No

Filters Life:- Filter Life is always Based Upon the environment and running time of Air Purifier.

Its Advisable to get the spare HEPA and Carbon Filters while purchasing the unit. You will get some Good Discount on it.


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