We inhale almost 11000 liter air everyday. As the air around us is so much polluted. We are concerned about the health of our self and our family. So it is important for us to know which Airpurifier and what technology we should buy. Every company called themself best and said they offer best solution. So it’s difficult To find whom we should beleive and from whom we should buy.
WE are in to this field from past 5 years and we want to make it simple for you to judge. Following five elements will make an Airpurifier best.
1. The air flow of the air purifier. Faster the speed of fan faster would be the cleaning process. Brushless motors are preferable as they make less noise.
2. Should not produce ozone. Ozone is a gas produced by some of the Airpurifier im sorry I should say toilet sanitizer which are used to remove foul smell and emitted mold growth.
3. Must have true HEPA in it. Airpurifier without HEPA is worthless. Because it would not able to capture PM particles from the air.
4. Mamaximum Filteration process will offer better air quality.
5. Check out the filter replacement cost. Filters like HEPA, ACTIVATED CARBON are the filters which you need to change in after every 6-12 months. Buy 3-4 pair together might be you will get good discount. Buy it with the due time. It might cost you high.

I hope you have got better idea now what to buy. NO matter what brand it would be. Don’t buy Airpurifier who claims no filter change for 5 years or 10 years because they don’t have effective filter like HEPA which captures PM ( particulate matter particles of size .1 micron). Buy airpurifiers with HEPA filter only.

Thank you

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