It’s a common question while approaching to the common people whom are interested to buy anairpurifer but won’t able to clear a myth that all airpurifiers are generating ozone. Which is unhealthy for health. But that’s not true. Today we will tell our readers difference in between HEPA base air purifier and ozone base air purifier.

ozone base air purifiers:

ozone base air purifiers are ozone(O3) gas base Airpurifier. Which is used to eliminate foul smells, clean the air from bacteria and virus, direct contact and a deep breathe in ozone more then 15 mins. Causes harmful effects on the body, it may break down your respiratory system or can cause a lot more problems like it may trigger asthmatic attack, cause itching in the throat and many more. It’s not a recommended air purifier to use in room. You can use a ozone base air purifier in the washroom to sensitize the Mold, Becteria and Foul smell from the Wash room.

HEPA filter base air purifier:

HEPA is HIGH EFFICIENT PURTICULATE ABSORBER, it is filter that is recommended by NASA, EPA and LUNG ASSOCIATION, USA to  use at home to clean the air, it’s recommended as its capture up to.1 micron molecule(pm) with 99.97% efficiency. It captures all kind of elergies such as pollen, Becteria and viruses from the air and remove harmful air borns such as smoke, smog, dust, pollen, pet denders effectively.

Buying an HEPA air purifier is the best and right choice for you and for your family. Because we understand your family deserves better air to breathe.

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